What Makes News and How to Write It

News is the information that comes to us from newspapers, magazines, radio and television. It is usually a form of entertainment, although it can also be educational or informative. It is important to understand what makes news and how it can be written in a way that appeals to your audience.

Defining News

In its simplest sense, news is any information that happens in the world. It might be something that happens in your own country, or something that happened on the other side of the world. The main purpose of news is to inform and educate.

How to Write News

The first thing to remember when writing a news story is that it has to be interesting. This means that you need to find stories that are new, unusual, interesting, significant and about people.

This is important because it helps to make the story feel like news and not just a boring report about a meeting that went on for ages. It also means that the news has to be interesting to you as a reader.

Another important part of the news reporting process is to make sure that you include as much detail as possible. This will help your readers understand what has happened and will allow them to form their own opinion on the matter.

You should also try to use as many sources as you can when researching your topic. This can be from government officials, corporate spokespersons or even ordinary people who have been affected by the topic.

When researching a story, be sure to keep your facts straight and follow AP style guidelines. This will give your article a more professional look and can save you time as you go along.

Identifying the Main Facts

It is important to include the most relevant and important facts about your subject in your news report. You can do this by identifying the key points and then providing additional information in the form of quotes, interviews or extra details that are pertinent to your topic.

Your primary sources will be the media outlets that are covering the story you are writing about. They will likely be based in your area and they will likely have access to the information that you need for your report.

If you are a freelance reporter, be sure to contact these publications as they will probably be able to provide you with the information you need for your piece. They may even have a writer who has expertise in the subject of your story and can help you with the research for your report.

Identifying the Headlines and Secondary Sources

Once you have your primary sources, you need to make sure that they are correct. You should always check the names of people who are being quoted, and the length of their quote.

You should also look at the headlines on the news reports you are reading and determine if they match the story you are trying to tell. If they don’t, consider changing the headline or adjusting your story.